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  • Hi,

    This is something I've been trying to do for quite a while now. I've found no definitive answer having seen other similar questions asked. One example here -

    Although we are using Lync this isn't relevant to this particular question. What I'd like to achieve is click-to-dial links in SharePoint using the format "tel:+447825555123". This works perfectly fine in regular HTML. When you try to add this as a link in SharePoint you get the following validation error:

    So I used SharePoint designer to create the hyperlink which worked fine as there isn't the same validation in place. Once the page was saved back I checked the underlying HTML and SharePoint strips the link out just leaving <a>+447825555123</a> instead of what is should be <a href="tel:+447825555123">+447825555123</a>. I tried setting the link by editing the HTML and SharePoint strips it just the same.

    Does anyone know a way around this? The best solution I think would be to edit the SharePoint validation so can add tel links through the regular edit option. I'm not sure how this is achieved though. This is in a SharePoint 2010 wiki btw.



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  • Hi Pete,

    I managed to test this out yesterday on my dev box, here's what I did:

    1. Open notepad and create the tel link <a href="tel:0123456789">My Number</a>, save as text file (in my case tel.txt).

    2. Open SharePoint and navigate to a doc library, upload text file from step 1.

    3. Open a page and get it in edit mode, drop in a content editor web part, edit webpart settings and you will get a input box to enter the path to content.

    4. Enter /%doclibname%/tel.txt, change the chrome of the web part so you only see the link, not the webpart title etc.

    5. Save the page and you now have your tel link without SharePoint messing with your markup.



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  • Create your own custom field type for this:

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