SharePoint 2013 on premise & online, delegate workflow tasks to another person?


  • Hi!

    For a few years, we were using Nintex to deal with Workflows in SharePoint 2010 on premise. After upgrading to 2013 (trying to migrate everything to online environment), we wanted to use only SharePoint 2013 native workflow actions and activities. Nintex 2013 online is not just ready yet to deal with all the demands we have.

    In the work of migrating the workflows from Nintex to SharePoint, we noticed a big disadvantage in the new environment. There is no (obvious?) way to delegate a workflow task to another person while workflow is executing.

    Or am I missing something? 

    Can someone explain to me, how I can implement delegation of tasks?

    To clarify the scenario:

    Workflow starts. It reads the user name of the person to approve the workflow in a separate list. It gives the right to approve the task to the name that the read operation fetched (normal operation).  For some reason, this person is not willing to approve the task, but sends it forward to another person, that then gets the rights to approve the task. The second person approves the task and workflow continues to execute at the state it was when "assign a task" or "start a task process" action came along. The same goes for the "CompositeTask" and "SingleTask" actions in VisualStudio 2012, no luck there either. 

    This delegate operation (with locking the task only for the person to whom it was given) was a trivial thing in Nintex, but seems impossible in SharePoint 2013. Is it true that there is no possibility to truly delegate tasks during workflow execution?

    Please, point me in the right direction here!

    By the way, we cannot use "Start a task process" nor "CompositeTask" actions with an already given name, since the delegation might go anywhere. Only the person actually opening the assignment knows to whom the delegation should be going at that particular moment.


    I found that changing the user name in the "Assigned to" field actually do send an email to the person given in the field. But the edit property of the task still remains at least for the persons involved - if not for all who has access to the SharePoint environment.



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  • Hi Soren, you aren't "missing" anything. You cannot do what you want out of the box without a custom workflow like those created using SharePoint Designer.

    cameron rautmann

    Wednesday, September 18, 2013 1:59 PM
  • Hi Cameron,

    Thank you for you comment.

    I'm not quite following you here, since we are building our own workflows, not using already installed workflows. We want to use out-of-the-box functionality in either SharePoint 2013 Designer or VisualStudio. 

    As so, we are trying out both SharePoint Designer and VisualStudio and it seems like VisualStudio is the way to go. Since there are problems with updating workflows when there are running workflows that must not be stopped, SharePoint Designer cannot be used. It just simply overwrites the current workflow and stops running instances. This must not happen!

    Also, since we want to make a version of the approval functionality that can be migrated into SharePoint online, we cannot customize workflows with C# or VB code. 

    The question remains:

    How can the task be delegated to another person and the approval form be locked to only particular persons / groups using declarative workflows and built in functionality (i.e. the package is possible to use as such in SharePoint Online environment).



    Thursday, September 19, 2013 5:05 AM