Application install fails in software center, appenforce.log shows exit code 0 ?


  • Hi

    Trying to install HP Quick Launch Buttons through the application catalog.

    The installation starts and it seems to get installed but Software center says it failed.

    Appenforce.log shows exit code 0, so why is it showing as failed in Software Center?:

    • App enforcement environment: 
      Context: Machine
      Command line: setup.exe /clone_wait -s /f2%temp%\hpqlb.log
      Allow user interaction: No
      UI mode: 1
      User token: not null
      Session Id: 1
      Content path: C:\Windows\ccmcache\3u
      Working directory: 
    • Prepared working directory: C:\Windows\ccmcache\3u
    • Prepared command line: "C:\Windows\ccmcache\3u\setup.exe" /clone_wait -s /f2C:\Windows\TEMP\hpqlb.log
    • Executing Command line: "C:\Windows\ccmcache\3u\setup.exe" /clone_wait -s /f2C:\Windows\TEMP\hpqlb.log with user context
    • Working directory C:\Windows\ccmcache\3u

    • Post install behavior is BasedOnExitCode
    • Waiting for process 832 to finish.  Timeout = 120 minutes.
    • Process 832 terminated with exitcode: 0
    • Looking for exit code 0 in exit codes table...
    • Matched exit code 0 to a Success entry in exit codes table.

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