Creating SAP Service Map in SCSM


  • Hello

    I am a novice regarding SCSM, so my objective in penning this is not to receive back a detailed, step by step instruction - more to clarify if the following can be done, and where I can go to obtain instructions.

    I am attempting to set up a functional/business-focussed, hierarchical service map for an SAP instance directly in SCSM - I don't have SCOM available to me.

    I get as far as creating a service map, but then it all comes to a grinding halt when I try to apply service components. I cannot find a way to add bespoke, SAP functional CI's to the list of standard SCSM components. I am not sure that this is even achievable.

    I have searched extensively on Google and in the technet forums, and I can't find anything specific to this type of challenge.

    So, on that note I'll return to my original questions - is this even possible to do in SCSM directly, and if so, are there resources available to assisit me in getting it done?

    Thanks all!


    Thursday, September 05, 2013 3:23 AM