Error 105 DNS Issue


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    We are experiencing a strange DNS effecting our ability to connect to only one particular website seemingly at random. Previously we could connect without any issues. In the past couple of weeks users will type in the web address and we get an error in the browser that the address cannot be resolved. Chrome returns Error 105 and we have tried Firefox and IE and get similar messages in each. There are no errors in the DNS log but if I clear the cache on all DNS servers the issue goes away for a while before coming back again. Using nslookup we can definitely see that it’s failing at our DNS servers. If I switch to  a public DNS server we can get to the site every time. I am looking for help troubleshooting what might be causing this. Please let me know what additional information I would need to provide.

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    EDIT: Sorry, OS is Server 2008 R2 running
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