Hyper-v storage and VMM's ability to see it


  • Setup:

    Two win2012 H-V servers in a Cluster

    Two win2012 DS server in different cluster

    All part of the same domain.

    The DS cluster has a drive shared out for H-V use. Both H-V servers have a drive letter mapped to the DS share and have running H-V guests on the mapped storage.

    System Centre VMM cannot see the mapped drive that the H-V uses for storage. Secondary symptom is that using the MVMC utility to convert VMWare guests to H-V also cannot see the mapped drive.

    We are wondering if we have connected the H-V systems to the storage space wrong somehow. Is this the way to have done it or is there a better way when we use the H-V cluster and the DS cluster in this manner?


    Mike Kelly

    Friday, July 19, 2013 6:52 PM