Small Business Server 2011 Remote Desktop Gateway periodically disconnects RDP session


  • I have an interesting issue.  I upgraded my server from SBS 2008 to SBS 2011 recently (a virtual to virtual migration on the same host).  Previously I could use RDP to connect through the TS Gateway to any of my client machines on my SBS network.  Since upgraded I am having issues with the RD Gateway either not being available or when I do connect to a client I loose my connection periodically (can be a quick as 5 minutes) and cannot reconnect.  I have found that if I get the error for RD Gateway being unavailable I can use RWW to connect to my client machine.  If I immediately close the RWW session I can then use RDP client to directly connect to the client machine without issue.  I have also determined that if I simply access the URL for the RDP webaccess page (I don't even have to login just load the page) that I can immediately use RDP to remote into the network.  It almost seems that the RD Gateway is failing to establish a connection to the client machine when using RDP directly but when using RWW it works.  Has anybody else seen this behavior?
    Friday, September 13, 2013 7:03 PM


  • Hi,

    What’s the detailed error message you received while the RDP session was disconnected? Are there any related error logged in the event log?

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    Andy Qi

    Andy Qi
    TechNet Community Support

    Sunday, September 22, 2013 8:50 AM