How To Set Up DNS?


  • Hi

    I'm playing with a Windows Server 2012 VPS to get some more knowledge. I want to use the VPS for DNS for domains hosted by the server.

    I'm planning to set up one own nameserver with the VPS and when use BuddyNS for the secondary name server.

    My questions are?

    For this use I should only install the DNS role without AD -  right?

    I want the server to be named - and the nameserver to be - Is it correct that I can only give the server a short name (without .) when not using the AD? 

    To do it correct I should make the following:

    A forward lookup zone for

    An A record for 
    A NS record for 
    SOA record 

    Is this correct?

    How about reverse DNS - should i set it up for (to be correct?).

    Any good resources for  newbie in setting up a server?

    Saturday, October 19, 2013 5:34 PM


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