updating Management Packs


  • Hi

    I am new in SCOM 2012 and I am trying to learn it. I have couple of questions regarding updating management packs.

    here is the story:

    1- I have imported some Mps into my SCOM environment so i am familiar with that

    2- i know how to check scom to see if there is any update for my installed Mps

    3- my first question is : Is there any way to find out that there is an update for a MP without checking it manually?" for example SCOM pops up a message or something like that. I am thinking since I have a lots of Mps installed, I have to check them all, time to time to see if microssoft has released a new version?

    4- my other question is : When I wanted to import MPs into my environment, Let say Exchange server MP, I asked exchange admin to review the MP and let me know which rule I have to override and which one should be as default. now if I get a new MP for exchange, how should I know which one I did override ? should I ask him to review it again, basically we have to go through the exact same process? is there anyw ay to somehow map the old MP to new one to figure out what has been changed?

    5- I know answering to all questions is too much for a blog, but if you send me alink to some document on the net , it would be enough!

    6- thanks alot.

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