Transporter suite : failed to migrate user with powershell


  • Hi ,

    I try to migrate domino users (domino 8.5) to Exchange 2007 then Exchange 2010

    I don't use Transporter Suite to create temporary Contacts in Exchange (we want to use the migration to change things like display name and transporter seems to have problems with multiple email domain)

    All my contacts are ok, I can send email from Exchange to Domino and from Domino to Exchange

    All my AD users already exists, but they are not mail enabled

    So If I go in Transporter console, i can migrate user, first with manual active directory lookup, then migrate mailbox. it works

    But I want to make a powershell script to automate the process (get the  distribution groups of the contact, add them to user, delete contact, migrate mailbox, move mailbox to exchange 2010 ....)

    and with powershell, impossible to use move-dominouser and move-dominomailbox.

    I try this :

    (Get-DominoUser -DominoDirectoryServer 'domino1' -SourceIdentity $contact.PrimarySmtpAddress).CanonicalName | Move-DominoUser -DominoDirectoryServer 'domino1' -GlobalCatalog 'msad1.domain.local' -TargetIdentity $userID -InitialPassword $initialPassword -TargetOU '.' -TargetMailboxDatabase 'server\mailbox' -Verbose

    (Get-DominoUser -DominoDirectoryServer 'domino1' -SourceIdentity $contact.PrimarySmtpAddress).CanonicalName | Move-DominoMailbox -DominoDirectoryServer 'domino1' -TargetIdentity $userID -DomainController 'msad1.domain.local'  

    The first command ask for my domino password, and after stay in this state :

       [o                                                                                                           ]
    Il reste    00:00:00.

       Importing user Test Global/UTILISATEURS/DOMINO

    (verbose mode :

    COMMENTAIRES : BeginProcessing() with parameter set = IdFromPipeline
    COMMENTAIRES : ProcessRecord() with parameter set = IdFromPipeline
    COMMENTAIRES : Item filter : ((Type="Person")&(MailFile!=""))&(@Contains(@LowerCase(@Subset(FullName;1));"cn=test
    COMMENTAIRES : Canonical Name : 'CN=Test Global/OU=UTILISATEURS/O=SBM'
    COMMENTAIRES : /.Begin Progress 0 : Test Global/UTILISATEURS/SBM

    I don't understand what is the problem.
    If someone can help me ;)
    Thanks a lot
    Thursday, June 14, 2012 9:25 AM


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  • little mistake

    after a looooong time (but what can it do for 10 minutes or more.....) I've got that :

    AVERTISSEMENT : Unable to migrate user 'Test Global/UTILISATEURS/DOMINO'.
    The mailcontact, Test Global/Contacts Lotus/domain.local, does not exist in the specified domain controller

    but this contact exists :

    Get-Contact -Identity | ft Identity,RecipientType

    Identity                                                                                                  RecipientType
    --------                                                                                                  -------------
    domain.local/Contacts Lotus/Test Global                                                  MailContact

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    Thursday, June 14, 2012 9:40 AM
  • Hello,

    Does the following article help?

    Migrating from Domino to Exchange 2007



    Monday, June 18, 2012 3:03 AM