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  • I have O2013 package deployed to a group of test machines with French W7.

    First I downloaded en-us only with ODT and knowing that Office display language should be taken from OS language thought it will work from the first shot.

    Finally my Office is in English even it Language options shows French as Windows Default and English is next (available).

    Without even trying to play with XML I just downloaded new THING with ODT using FR-FR and EN-US.

    I can just unpublish current EN package and publish a new one but I think it could be a good learning point for package update experience, that I never tried.


    1. would it work as upgrade if I will select current O2013 in APPVMAN console and provide the path for a new one (clicking UPDATE button) or I have to do update in a sequencer?

    2. would the package on client machine will be updated or NEW Folder will be created after update.

    3. In scenario when I don't want to update but just Unpublish an existing O2013 package and Publish a new one, do I have manually remove Unpublished one.


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    Sunday, August 17, 2014 2:51 AM


  • Hello,

    1. Yes, if the packages have the same GUID. Office 2013 packages are never supported to be edited in the sequencer. As is stated previously -

    2. If using the same Package GUID: Updated. If using a different package GUID: New-fodler

    3. Yes

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