Exchange 2010 message size limit confusion


  • Hi

    I have doubt here with respect to my organization settings.

    My Global Transport Setting is set to 70 MB for sending.

    Two Send connectors for each Hub transport server for internet set as 10 MB max.

    User limit set to unlimited. But this user limit set to unlimited is only for internal and not for external(I suppose).

    So ideally, the 10 MB setting set on the send connector (as per lower limit apply) should have applied.

    But the user is able to send 15 MB file to external user. How is this possible? where am i missing?

    regards Sundaresan.C

    Wednesday, November 20, 2013 7:02 AM

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  • Please enable "log" on that send connector and make sure your message flow out from that connector.

    Wednesday, November 20, 2013 7:14 AM
  • Hi

    As i said, i have only 2 send connectors enabled and in both i have set only 10 mb as size. So ultimately the mail should have gone through any one of this send connector.

    regards Sundaresan.C

    Wednesday, November 20, 2013 7:24 AM
  • You can override it at the user level. Is that the case?

    HossFly, Exchange Administrator

    Wednesday, November 20, 2013 8:30 PM
  • I think the Send connector will still only send a message as large as it is permitted to send.   I agree with Supawat, enable logging or message tracking and validate that the connectors you think are in use are indeed the ones being used.

    Jim McBee - MVP, MCT, MCSE Using Exchange since the v4.0 beta in 1995 - Blog

    Wednesday, November 20, 2013 8:34 PM
  • Hi,

    In Exchange 2010, the limits of sending or receiving emails have the below checks: Organization limit, Global limit, Connector limit, Server limit and User limit. And you can refer to the article Understanding Message Size Limits.

    Based on your description, apart from Supawat's and Jim's suggestions, you should also check Send Connector limit.

    If there is any update, please feel free to post here for further research.

    Best regards,

    Belinda Ma
    TechNet Community Support

    Thursday, November 21, 2013 5:54 AM
  • I tested it by setting various restrictions on user level, organization level and connector level.

    Yes It is allowing the lowest level of size set in any settings.

    But what have confused me is that, though i have enabled only two connectors and had 10 mb for send, my message logs shown as 14 mb mails was sent.

    I need to know whether the message log will have these info even for bounced mails returned back to the user? which means a user has tried sending a heavy attachment file but got undeliverable stating that the route size restriction is there. Will this be also considered as Send log?

    regards Sundaresan.C

    Thursday, November 21, 2013 9:56 AM
  • Hi,

    The message tracking log will have some related information for bounced emails when you send emails to external users.

    I recommend you enable protocol logging on the send connectors to collect information to narrow down the issue.

    For the issue, could you please check the message size limit you have set again and take your time to post the screenshot for further research?

    Configure Protocol Logging

    If there is any update, please post the result here at your convenience.

    Best regards,

    Belinda Ma
    TechNet Community Support

    Friday, November 22, 2013 2:39 AM