FAILURE ( 5206 ): The Deployment Wizard was cancelled or did not complete successfully. The deployment will not proceed.


  • mdt 2012 +beta2

    client windows 0s 7 64bit running on  virtualbox

    here is the log

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    Sunday, March 04, 2012 1:02 PM

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  • It looks like you received an access denied issue when trying to copy the boot.wim to your local machine.  Verify the permissions on the deployment share.

    0x80004005 typically means 'Access Denied'.

    <![LOG[Copying \\guninroses01\DeploymentShare$\Boot\LiteTouchPE_x64.wim to L:\sources\boot.wim]LOG]!><time="12:07:59.000+000" date="03-01-2012" component="LTIApply" context="" type="1" thread="" file="LTIApply">
    <![LOG[ZTI ERROR - Unhandled error returned by LTIApply:  (-2147024784  0x80070070)]LOG]!><time="12:08:00.000+000" date="03-01-2012" component="LTIApply" context="" type="3" thread="" file="LTIApply">
    <![LOG[Command completed, return code = -2147467259]LOG]!><time="12:09:02.000+000" date="03-01-2012" component="LiteTouch" context="" type="1" thread="" file="LiteTouch">
    <![LOG[Litetouch deployment failed, Return Code = -2147467259  0x80004005]LOG]!><time="12:09:02.000+000" date="03-01-2012" component="LiteTouch" context="" type="3" thread="" file="LiteTouch">

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