Clients Prompt for Password when connecting public folder


  • Bit of an odd problem. Current environment has 14 Exchange 2010 servers

    10 mailbox server

    4 CAS/HUB server

    We have Public folder database PA-PF01, CR-PF01 and it resides in mailbox server PA-MBX01 and CR-MBX01  respectively.

    5 database  point to PA-PF01 (default public folder database)

    5 database point to CR-PF01 (default public folder database)

    For some reason, few user outlook continuously prompts for the password, If we click cancel, it goes away and the client shows need password, Once we click type exchange password it connects to exchange fine. But then the prompt comes up again at random intervals (2 minutes to 15 minute). When I check their connection status, it is trying to connect PF via http and never accept password.

    Database which I resides  default PF is set to PA-PF01 and When i opens Outlook while in the LAN the initial public folder connection attempts to form an HTTPS connection (therefore forcing a password request) to the PA-PF01 public folder replica then fails over to the CR-PF01 replica (via TCP/IP) after the successful credential (it never connect to PA-PF01).

    I don’t understand why it is connecting CR-PF01 instead of PA-PF01

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

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  • Hi,

    Public folder referal process can redirect client to another public folder When a user connects to a public folder database that doesn't contain a copy of the public folder content that the user wants.

    You can control this referal process as discribed here :

    For the password prompt, there are many reason :

    - Proxy settings ( Https to connect to Public folder)

    - IIS virtual ditrectory authentication mode

    - autodiscover process


    2012년 2월 9일 목요일 오전 10:23
  • Hi Tunisian,

    Thanks for your response..

    How we can make sure that all public folder replica exist in the defualt public folder

    Thank you!

    2012년 2월 9일 목요일 오후 12:32
  • Hi,

    you can use Exchange ¨PS command to view all content folders

    get-publicfolder -recurse | format-list Name

    you can also compare content size :

    Get-publicfolderstatitics -server "your server" |  format-list Name, ItemSize


    2012년 2월 9일 목요일 오후 2:02
  • Hi

    Any update on this thread?

    Did you try Tunisian's suggestion?


    Zi Feng

    Zi Feng

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  • Issue has been resolved by restarting RPC client access service in MBX server
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