IIS through ISA doesn't asking certificate


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    I have web application (from SharePoint) on 443 port which required ssl-certficate (on smart card) for auth. Well on iis installed client certificate auth and mapping and enabled. When i try to enter on https://IIS he ask my certificate, i gave it to him and go on the site.

    On TMG I publish SharePoint web-site with next settings:

    TO: IIS, disable wend original header, check request from original client

    Authentication Delegation methods: No delegation, but client may authenticate directly (because i don't need auth on TMG, but want auth on iis through TMG)

    Listener: Post certificate for external name, authentication settings - No authentication (no auth on TMG) (always try to auth with ssl)


     At this situation TMG show me error 403.7 5 - client certificate required... But didn't asked it from me....

    If i mark on TMG in Listener client sertificate required - TMG asking for certificate and auth, but iis give me 403.7 5 again without request for certificate.

    What's wrong with settings? i tried many variants settings. And noone give me request certificate from iis through TMG
    Friday, February 24, 2012 8:57 AM


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