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  • When running a people search, the profile pictures are not showing for all users. At first, it was the same for every user and I realised that the property wasn't indexed so I turned that on. After running a crawl, it appears that only some pictures are showing and others are not. Once you click into the profile, you can see it alright.

    Any ideas?

    vendredi 22 juin 2012 11:43


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  • Hi SoapyJ

    Are the paths of the working and non-working user profile pictures the same?  If you right-click on picture you should see the link.  Did you setup a MySite host?  Confirm that the search service account has "Retrieve People Data for Search
    Crawlers" on the User Profile Administrators.  Are you using https/SSL for any of your sites?

    Here's a good guide on MySite setup.

    Matt Engibous

    vendredi 22 juin 2012 14:02
  • It seems to be working now. Maybe it just wasn't finished indexing

    • Marqué comme réponse SoapyJ lundi 25 juin 2012 08:56
    lundi 25 juin 2012 08:56
  • Hey,

    Although the pictures are showing up in search results now, they are not appearing in lists where the field is of type name with picture. Some are showing, others are not. Is there somewhere that SharePoint might cache pictures or something? It seems odd

    lundi 25 juin 2012 10:25