about change of mode of letter


  • my computer is now not in the mode what I want. For exampl; Iput asahi it apears  ti  to  ti  ku  ni,

     in hiragana. it is the hiragana mode.

    How can I do for changing in ro-maji nyuryoku mode?

    2011年12月25日 2:55


  • What is the type of your computer keyboard?

    Japanese 106 / 109-Key keyboard
    Alt + [カナタカ ひらがな]

    English 101 / 102-Key keyboard
    You can't use keyboard shortcuts.

    1. Language bar - Tools - Properties (Japanese: [ツール] - [プロパティ]) 
    2. [General] - Input method (Japanese: [全般] - [ローマ字入力/かな入力])
    3. Change[Kana Input](Japanese:[かな入力] to [Romaji Input] (Japanese:[ローマ字入力])

    MS MVP Client Operating System Windows Expert-Consumer
    2011年12月26日 11:26