Dynamics AX Data Provider

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  • There has not been any Dynamics AX providers scheduled for release. To use MR with AX you need to import the data from AX to PerformancePoint Server. Then use the PPS provider that comes with MR to report on that data.

    Thank you,


    2008년 9월 18일 목요일 오후 8:35
  • Hi Penny,


    I am not sure if I underhand your posting correctly?


    My question concerns importing data to PPS from AX by using the Import Wizard. In your posting you mention MR, is that Management Reporting?


    I remember from previously taking part in the CTP program  in spring 2007 that there used to be a Data Import Wizard for Microsoft Dynamics AX available (actually I just found a copy of the install in an old backup, while writing this) what happened to that Add-on?


    I am looking forward to hear som more about this!

    2008년 9월 19일 금요일 오전 8:54