Can't edit SharePoint public site through the web APP


  • So my boss asked me to center the content in an Oslo SharePoint public site that I had created in Office 365.  In order to center the content I had to modify the HTML by modifying the master page in SharePoint designer.  I did some steps like renaming the master page olso.html to oslo2.html setting oslo2 at the site definition, modifying the HTML in oslo.html and then setting that back to the site definition.  These steps were shown to me on some support forums.  

    I got the content centered, however now when I go to the sharepoint public site.  There is no longer a ribbon that allows me to edit the the sharepoint site through the web app.  

    The ribbon had options like Browse, Page, and Site, with options on each tab of the ribbon.  I am confident that the steps I took to modify that piece of HTML somehow broke the web app editor.  

    Is there any way to undo this action because it will be very important for other users in the organization to be able to edit the website through the WYSIWYG editor on the web app.  

    Also is there any way to enable the WYSIWYG editor and still have the modified HTML?  I literally added this to the div that held the content id="contentcenter"  Please help!

    Thursday, July 18, 2013 7:32 PM