Internet facing SharePoint site prompting for credentials when opening Office documents


  • I have an internet facing SharePoint 2007 server that is prompting users for credentials when logging into SharePoint and then again when editing Office documents hosted on the site.  I've read from several sources that this is by design.  Since these are remote users I can't push out any of the client-side workarounds such as adding the SharePoint domain to Trusted Sites. 

    See this:

    And this:

    Which would be all well and good, but here's the thing.  The person I'm working for has access to an internet facing SharePoint 2007 site (built by another company) that doesn't require credentials to be entered twice.  I've verified myself - I can login to the site over the public internet and edit documents with no additional client configuration.  The only difference I've noticed is that they appear to be using something like Threat Management Gateway (?) for logins, whereas we just use the generic authentication prompt generated by the browser.

    If anybody could help point me to a solution it would be greatly appreciated!

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  • The TMG server is the key.  They are "publishing" SharePoint to the Internet.  So the TMG server is caching the login for the external user and submitting it when SharePoint asks for Login.  There were two MS products that were able to do this Forefront TMG server and Forefront UAG server.  As far as I know both have been discontinued.  Here's an article that explains the concepts:

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