Messed up SQL database name


  • My database name on disk is all fouled up.

    Ok, what I did was backed up an existing working database.  Then I tried to restore it with a different name. I was basically trying to make a copy of the database and use it for some beta testing.  When I restored the database, I specified a new file location name. Unfortunately, the stupid thing restored it on top of the existing database name and simply renamed the file name on disk only.  It didn't give me a copy of the database with a new name.

    That is NOT what I wanted to happen.

    Now is has permanently taken the "new" name and no matter what I do, it won't go back to the old name.  It is very frustrating.  Even when I repeat the process of restoring the database with the original file name, it won't work.  It restores back the new name instead of the old name eventhough in options, it has the old name as the file location

    Can someone help, please.  This is a problem because the new file name is "beta" which is NOT good and is liable to get the SQL file deleted.


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