How to solve the white circle in SSMS?


  • Dear There,

    Please, could anybody help me to change the white circle to the green one in SSMS.

    Ali Alanazi


    26 Februari 2012 15:55


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  • It seems like the login you've used to connect to a SQL Server doesn't have access to see the services state.

    What is the reason behind your question? Are you aware of the meaning of the green arrow?

    • Diedit oleh LMU92 26 Februari 2012 16:15
    26 Februari 2012 16:14
  • The same issue has been discussed here.
    26 Februari 2012 16:19
  • Thanks for all repliers. I solved the problem by allowing my the account to access remotely.


    27 Februari 2012 10:49