SQL Server Management studio - cannot show requested dialog NColIndex




    I've just bought a 64 bit system running Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008.


    I wa shaving trouble getting the backups to work so I thought I'd better attached a database so that there was something a bit more meaty to copy.

    However when I try to attach a database file I get the message


    SQL Server Management Studio

    Cannot show requested Dialog


    Actual value was -1 (Microsoft.SQLServer.GridControl)


    I'm logged in to SQL as SA


    Am I doing something wrong here?


    Can anyone advise me what to try next?








    2008년 11월 7일 금요일 오전 9:15


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  • Hi,

    I am aware of the issue being with non sysadmin. Look at this post.

    Alok Parmesh
    2008년 11월 7일 금요일 오후 5:09
  • I can NOT believe that this is seen to be an acceptable error message by Microsoft?!

    2010년 11월 16일 화요일 오후 3:46
  • Why not?  "Oops, something went wrong, wibble..." - pretty much sums up the stack!

    2011년 5월 17일 화요일 오전 11:24
  • I can NOT believe that this is seen to be an acceptable error message by Microsoft?!

    I've seen worse from both Microsoft and other companies.

    The may not actually be the whole message. The OP may not be providing the whole message.


    Jeff Wharton MSysDev (C.Sturt), MDbDsgnMgt (C.Sturt) MCT, MCPD, MCITP, MCDBA, MCSD, MCAD
    2011년 5월 17일 화요일 오전 11:45
  • I'm so frustrated with Microsoft's vague errors.  I've spent more time on Google searching for solutions than on learning.  
    If SQL server 2008 doesn't like Express, than recommend me to uninstall it.  

    "Cannot show requested dialog."  
    Thanks Microsoft, you're really helping boost Google's search.  

    2012년 1월 24일 화요일 오전 3:27
  • Run Management Studio as administrator by right clicking on it's icon in start menu and selecting 'Run as administrator'. You need to do this even if you are administrator on your PC. This will resolve your issue.
    2012년 7월 11일 수요일 오후 7:02
  • It didn't.
    2013년 9월 18일 수요일 오전 10:43
  • Link above now 404's -- do you remember the title?
    2014년 3월 5일 수요일 오후 6:44