Windows 8 cant connect to WEP shared key network???


  • I tried everything, even tried importing a network profile from Windows 7 and it says not supported.. So how do I get windows 8 to connect to my WEP shared key network... I have seen the answer switch to WPA-2 ...If you would like to come and change the settings on 150 devices during the school year, I would be glade to let you. If not please enlighten me and the hundreds of others who have been asking all over the internet and here...HOW or IF we can make this work. I know the risk, I know how to update drivers, I know how to change to WPA-2. What I dont know is how to get Windows 8 to allow a WEP shared key connection.. Please answer all of us. n Thank you
    Tuesday, May 07, 2013 2:12 PM


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