"service host: Local system (network restricted)(11)" eating virtual memory


  • I pretty much don't really know much about my p.c. system as I'm not usually the one looking into the works of my p.c. In fact all I know is what I've seen others do. So forgive me in my ignorance. I've looked around and saw that either no one has my issue or if they do, the fixes are generally confusing. 

    I bought a laptop (with windows 8) bout 3-4 months ago. I not sure if the issues started when I upgraded to windows 8.1 or just afterwards but they've been going on for a few weeks. My computer is running out of virtual memory at the most random times. Usually it starts to run out of virtual memory after a couple of days of it being left on (with standby). If I close most my active programs the memory changes by 2-10%. If I have more then four programs open at this stage it warns me that my virtual memory is being used up. (I am usually using Chrome (or firefox but that would refuse to stay open for more then 5 seconds so I uninstalled it), steam (chatting only), musicbee and task manager.)

    Task manager usage


    My only virus scan is Windows defender and it claims no threats were detected. 

    I have 6 gig of ram but I'm not positive how to check virtual memory. Or even where to start with fixing this issue. 

    Anyway thank you in advance and if you need more information just let me know.

    Wednesday, December 04, 2013 12:11 PM


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