Windows 7 audio software seeing speakers as an input device


  • I recently installed windows 7 on my iMac, and the audio drivers that it automatically downloaded (a realtek driver) seems to think that my speakers are an input device, even though they're plugged into the headphone jack. I've went through all the settings I can think of and have found nothing that would let me change this. I have plugged the speakers into the actual line in port, and they aren't seen at all. I'm really looking for a good explanation on how to get around speakers being seen as a line in device, thank you for any help you can give

    oh, and as a second, albeit less important, issue, I dowloaded google chrome, and I've come across an issue with the facebook home page. it refuses to update the home page, the most recent post being from yesterday morning, before I even installed windows 7 onto my imac at all
    Monday, September 07, 2009 9:44 PM


  • Hi,

    The most possible reason is incompatibility driver. The sound output ports related driver files may be not compatible with Mac machine. I recommend finding the audio driver for Win7 from Mac website.

    In addition, you can try installing the latest Realtek driver Vista, Windows7 Driver (32/64 bits) Driver only (ZIP file) which is updated at 2009/9/3.

    Regarding the GoogleChrome issue, I would like to share a website with you. Google Chrome Updates and Running on Windows 7

    If the GoogleChrome issue persists, I recommend submitting another thread to troubleshoot this issue as generally one issue is fixed per thread.

    Hope the above information can be useful for you. :)
    Wednesday, September 09, 2009 8:09 AM