External display won't go higher than 1024 X 768


  • I have a Lenovo G580 running Windows 8 and have it connected to a DELL flat panel monitor (about 6 years old) -- when I first got the machine, I had Windows look and install the latest driver for the display and for a very brief moment, I could change the resolution of this display. 

    The next time I restarted Windows 8, not only did the behavior revert to 1024 X 768 but it also became disabled in the Control Panel.  Every once in a while, I will disconnect and reconnect my machine and my display will go back to a normal resolution.  The next time I connect and reconnect, my resolution is again back at 1024 X 768 and disabled in Control Panel.

    What gives?  By the way, I am also using a KVM switch that I need - I havent tested without it in play but even if it was causing the issue, I should be able to set this up correct?

    17 января 2013 г. 1:35


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