Pass multiple command line parameters to Window XP Mode


  • I'm trying to pass more then 1 argument to a windows xp mode application and it looks like a second parameter can not be added.

    This is the command line works:

    vmsal.exe "SVGViewer" "||b5fa4934' "SVG Viewer" f:\pic1.svgz

    This command give me an "Incorrect file association." error:

    vmsal.exe "SVGViewer" "||b5fa4934' "SVG Viewer" f:\pic1.svgz "DETAIL1"

    Is it at all possible to pass additional command line arguments to an Windows XP Mode application?

    I can not find any official documentation on vmsal.exe, where can i find any?


    12 พฤษภาคม 2554 14:00