WordPress MySQL Error Code: 1142. INSERT command denied to user


  • Problem: I have been working on a WP Multi-Site for two months. Working away last Sunday and it stopped saving changes to my WP Post and Pages.

    I cannot rename folders at the root of the site i.e. rename Plugins folder to Plugins-hidden to reset the plugins as a troubleshooting effort. When I try to rename the folder I (as administrator) gets FTP 550 Access Denied message. When I connect to the MySQL DB using MySQL Workbench it does not let me perform any INSERT type function; only SELECT. When I do it gives me the following error:

    Error Code: 1142. INSERT command denied to user 'b37d600426923a'@'' for table

    Basically the admin account has lost all of its admin access to the DB and host files. This is a STOPWORK scenario and I need help from an expert.

    Thanks in advance for any and all contributions to this issue.

    Tuesday, February 12, 2013 9:18 PM


  • Found the answer... email that went to junk mail. Hope this helps others!

    Hello Subscription User,
     Thanks for choosing ClearDB for your database needs. We appreciate your business and 
     your interest in our services. Our commitment to all of our customers is that we 
     provide a high quality of service on all of our database systems. Part of that 
     commitment includes the enforcement of database size quotas in order to ensure 
     the highest quality of service for our customers.
     As such, we're sending you this automated message regarding one of your databases:
     Database: wp____
     Tier/Plan: Mercury
     Tier size quota: 20 MB
     This database has either reached or has exceeded its maximum allowed size for the 
     'Mercury' plan/tier that it currently belongs to. As such, our systems were forced to 
     place a read-only lock on it. We kindly encourage you to upgrade your database 
     to a larger tier/plan so that we can restore write privileges and enable complete 
     access to it from your account.
     If you feel that you have received this notification in error, please feel free 
     to contact us by replying to this email along with information that you feel may 
     assist us in assessing the situation with your database.
     Thanks again for choosing ClearDB,
     The ClearDB Team

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