Home directory files are occasionally deleted for Windows 7 Clients


  • My Windows 2008 R2 servers were built from scratch this past summer, including a new AD with no migrated accounts. Occasionally, a student user's home directory on the file server appears to have no files except for the default home directory folders. This has happened to a dozen students over the last six months, but not to non-student users.

    The student OU includes a folder redirection policy to a private share on the server (username$). The desktops are Windows 7 clients in the student lab, and they redirect the "My Documents" folder to Z:\ (the home directory share). Students who have recently lost files always show the folder name as the username, as if they were newly created shares. Older home folders with previous redirection uses always appear as "My Documents" from the server console, although the "Filename" field still shows the username.

    What might cause the lost files? Any suggested alternatives, besides restoring backups as I currently do?

    BTW, I have never lost faculty files (which are not in the same OU and don't use redirection by Group Policy).

    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 1:26 AM


  • Does student got a Full access right somewhere in that folder branch ? Seem to me a student that play around with security's setting, or try script that might flush some directory.

    If all user only get the modify flag for their folder then it as to be a admin script that reset the folder. or something that run in the user context, but that the user is not aware off (like a bad login script or gpo)

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    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 1:53 AM