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    I have two hosts running vmware esxi 5 with two vm's running windows 2008 r2 and sql 2008 r2.  The windows 2008 r2 vm's are configured to use Microsoft iscsi initiator to access the Dell Equal Logic SAN volume using 10GB vmxnet3 network adapter to access the SAN.  I am currently experience delay writing to my SAN from SQL when I run a job.  The SQL job normally takes 20 mins and now its taking 6 hours when there is no high usage on the server or SAN. The SAN is configured in a raid 50 array then I crave out separate volume for sql data, log, temp and OS. I ran perfmon and found there is greater than 25 ms physical disk READ and WRITE response times on the OS and SQL data volume.  How can I check the HBA queue depth in windows 2008 r2? 


    Monday, February 18, 2013 10:46 PM


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