Port? Protocol? Camera? File Type?


  • Hi All,

    I have read some information about Windows Media Services on Windows 2008 R2 however I am still not to the point of implementing this. I have some basic questions, if you could answer this - it will be great.

    1. What Protocol is primarily used? HTTP or RTSP ? Or Do I choose? If I get a choice, which is best?
    2. What should be the output file type from the camera or polycom?
    3. Can I do a live capture in London, and then have that data be published to my France Office as well. The users in france should get the stream from local server(s)? Does this mean, I have to put different URLS for all sites/locations?
    4. Any Examples on Bandwidth - like 2000 users connecting to streaming server in DataCenter with 128kbps connection each etc.....

    The whole Idea is to take Live Camera Conference and have around 10k users across the organization and globe access to it live. Things like Multicast, Windows Media Player 9, Hardware are not an issue.

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  • 1) Windows Media Player defaults to using RTSP first, but can fall back to HTTP if necessary.  See my blog on protocol rollover for more info:

    2) If you are creating on demand clips you should record in the WMV format.  If it is live then you need to connect a machine running Expression Encoder directly to the camera.

    3) Yes.  That is one option.  You're essentially talking about load balancing.  There are a number of solutions for this including DNS Round Robin, hardware solutions, and application based solutions.

    4) Multicast is the best option if you have a large live event.  That is assuming your network is multicast enabled.  If you have to go the unicast route then you're talking about a lot of bandwidth.  If you have 2000 users connecting via unicast at 128 kbps then that would be 256 Mbps of bandwidth.  More than likely you'll need several servers to distribute the load around your network.

    I'd strongly suggest reading the Deployment Guide at  It will give you a better idea of what to expect.

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