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  • I am looking implementing WMS servers in remote sites to proxy/cache some videos. What is the easiest way to redirect end users to their local WMS server without having to hard code the proxy into their windows media player? Videos are hosted on our corporate sharepoint site, but we would like to be able to push the videos down to the remote site so they don't come across the wan to get it. Same goes for being a proxy with split stream for a live video. I am open to either WMS or IIS Smooth Streaming.
    sabato 23 febbraio 2013 09:05


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  • There are a couple of ways to handle the redirection.  You can use a hardware solution like an F5.   You can use DNS to resolve the server name differently depending on where the client is located.  You can use web logic to offer different IP addresses based on the client IP.
    lunedì 25 febbraio 2013 14:28
  • I didn't see your post until now, but I found a way. I am pointing the clients to IIS hosted on the same server with a IIS hosted on one IP and WMS hosted on another. I then use the IIS URL Re-Write module to detect the end user IP address and redirect them to the local server at the site hosted on a VMware server. Seems to work pretty good. I can redirect based on the end user IP {REMOTE_ADDR} and then what publishing point they are trying to view. This way I don't have to rely on the F5 admin to create the rules for me. I hesitated about DNS because if the remote DNS servers are down and they come back to the main site for DNS they might get resolved to our main site and view the video over the WAN. We have some large meetings that the remote sites want to view so I am trickling the video to the remote site just using robocopy and providing the video locally to try and involve the remote sites. Other smaller videos hopefully will be setup in a cache\proxy configuration in the future. Works pretty decent so far! Thanks for the suggestions!

    giovedì 28 marzo 2013 03:55
  • Sounds like a good solution!
    giovedì 28 marzo 2013 13:25