Where Is The Short and Sweet Instruction Book On Deploying An Audio Server Strictly Using Microsoft Products?


  • Suppose my task is to upgrade from an old version of RealNetworks audio server.   There are several required, conceptually simple functions.   1) The server distributes a "live" audio stream that originates as an analog signal of a radio station (reading for the blind).  2) The server records the live programming for on-demand replay by date and time-of-day.   The server should deliver via RTSP protocol if possible.   So, where is the quick and clean way described to deploy Windows Server 2012 for the foregoing purposes?   I hear that I need an encoder.   Where do I go to get one of those?   I hear that the latest supported software falls to IIS as delivered with Windows Server 2012 with or without a required separate download.   Can you provide a path whereby I can replace an existing, barely functioning implementation with something that works beautifully?
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    this forum is for System Center Configuraiton Manager 2012 related questions, try posting your question in the Server 2012 forum instead,


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  • Maybe if the forum names were more suggestive of their purpose you would not spend time redirecting traffic.   I copied and redirected this message to the place you suggested.


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  • Search Streaming Media Services Forum is, according to what appears on my screen, the forum to which I orginally posted.   You guys gig me for posting to the "wrong" group then gig me again for "cross-posting."    And I learn that there really is no decent documentation for Streaming Media Services Windows 2012.


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  • For an audio-only stream you should use Windows Media Services 2008 on Windows Server 2008 R2.  It will not install on 2012.  It uses the RTSP protocol (more specifically, this flavor).  IIS Media Services does Smooth Streaming, but there is no audio-only option.  There are some workarounds for that (using screen capture for video and not displaying it on the client).  For the encoder, you can use Expression Encoder which you can download from

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  • And, for planning purposes, on Windows Server 2012, I propose that IIS 8 may (or may not) contain everything I need (maybe need Encoder) to send audio streams to clients.   There are many published words aimed at decisionmakers who sign checks.  I'm technical.   I need to gather bits of technology in a heap and twiddle the knobs until it works.


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  • With 2012 your only option is to use IIS Media Services 4.0 which does not easily do audio-only.  That's why I'm suggesting saying with Windows Server 2008 R2 with Windows Media Services 2008 R2.
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