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  • A little background...

    We are running a Windows 2003 Small Business Server SP2. We had a hard disk failure awhile back and hard to restore from backup. Since then, things have not been the same. More recently, we have been the victim of an attack in which the server was compromised through Terminal Services and the attacker set up a mass mailer. Luckily this was caught very quickly and steps have been taken to avoid future problems.

    Now, on to the problem...

    I have recently reinstalled WSUS and now when I go into the Group Policy Object Editor to configure our network PCs to look to the server, SOME text appears to be in a Cyrillic font and I can't read anything.

    I've checked in the advanced section of Regional and Language options and had to change the drop down from Cyrillic back to English. I also have checked the Fonts section of Internet Options to make sure "Latin based" is chosen in the Language Script dropdown. This was also set to Cyrillic previously. The server has been rebooted multiple times and still these characters persist.

    Does anyone have any ideas on where I can go from here? Thanks!

    2012年3月23日 下午 06:27


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your posting.

    Please check following settings:

    Regional and Language Options-->Regional Options-->Standards and formats-->English

    Regional and Language Options--> Regional Options-->Location

    Regional and Language Options-->Advanced-->non-Unicode programs you want to use

    Check .adm files that used by your Group Policy Object Editor: Group Policy Object Editor-->Computer Configuration-->Administrative Templates-->Add/Remote Templates-->Add-->Replace current .adm file

    For more information please refer to following MS articles:

    Group Policy Template Behavior in Windows Server 2003;EN-US;316977
    Recommendations for managing Group Policy administrative template (.adm) files;EN-US;816662


    TechNet Community Support

    2012年3月26日 上午 06:14
  • This results from wrong ADM templates in %windir%\inf. I suggest you
    copy all ADM templates from a known healthy machine with the same OS and
    SP level to the given server... You also can download all ADM files from
    AND I also would suggest reinstalling the DOMAIN - the server was
    compromised, and this also declares the whole domain compromised. No
    good point to start from with daily business.
    sincerely, Martin

    NO THEY ARE NOT EVIL, if you know what you are doing: Good or bad GPOs?
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