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TechNet Wiki Featured Article Nominees

By Eric Battalio

28 Jun 2011

This article features the nominees for future featured articles for the TechNet Wiki home page. To nominate an article, add it to the alphabetical list in the Nominees section. This article also includes a publication schedule and a list of previously featured articles.

Wiki: Types of Articles Not Appropriate for TechNet Wiki  

By Kimborly A. Ditto-Ehlert

24 Mar 2011

Some types of articles really do not belong on TechNet Wiki.

While we love folks to contribute, the following types of articles should be corrected or they will be removed within a week... 

Wiki: User Experience Guidelines

By Ed Price - MSFT

12 Nov 2010

The User Experience Guidelines exist as an effort to establish basic consistencies across TechNet Wiki. The guidelines are manual (you have to make the changes yourself), and a goal of creating manual guidelines is to eventually turn some of them into automatic guidelines (that occur automatically through tools) in order to reduce editing and communication around following the guidelines.

Wiki: How to Build Community

By tonysoper_MSFT

26 Feb 2010

First, don't do the things that destroy community. Next, read Art Of Community  and WikiPatterns  for wisdom, tips, and tricks from other communities. Conduct your wiki activities according to the Leadership Code of Conduct. Help others, be nice. Also communicate, a lot. ...

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