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Identity Infrastructure Capabilities - Managing Identity in the Age of Hybrid IT

By Gayana Bagdasaryan
January 25, 2013

The purpose of this document is to provide detailed conceptual information on identity infrastructure capabilities specific to both on-premises and cloud computing that we at Microsoft are most often asked by our customers to implement. It is also in our purpose to provide introductory information on the existing Microsoft solutions that can help you obtain these popular identity infrastructure capabilities.

Wiki: How to Translate TechNet Wiki Articles

By Ed Price - MSFT
April 20, 2012

 This article provides you with a list of practical hints and tips to get your articles translated.

Small Basic: Graduate to C#

By litdev
February 17, 2013

This article considers how to Graduate a Small Basic program to C#. There are several motivations to do this. There is no Graduate option in Small Basic to create C# code. C# is a very good alternative to VB as a follow on language from Small Basic. The Graduate to Visual Basic option in the Small Basic IDE (Integrated Development Environment) works well for simple code, but not so well for some more complex code. For example arrays do no convert well and additional work is often required. [...]

Data Binding in XAML

By Horizon_Net
April 16, 2012

Data binding is a great way to display your data. This step-by-step tutorial will teach you the basics of data binding. If you are already familiar with data binding you can skip this tutorial.

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