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C++ and Arduino Uno: Reading the temperature

by Carmelo La Monica
June, 2015

In this article on Arduino Uno, we will focus on the use of an analog temperature sensor combined with a liquid crystal display. The goal's to be able to track and code finished the display...

SharePoint 2013 External List from Oracle database

by Dan Christian
June, 2015

This article describes a no-code solution on how to create an external content type from Oracle, the SQL Linked connection and then creating the Business Connectivity Service...

Wiki: Cross-Linking

by Richard Mueller
June, 2015

This article will show you good example is the use of cross-linking to improve the user experience. It helps users navigate the Wiki and find the information they need without...

Understanding Logging in Tempdb. Is Tempdb Recreated or Rebuilt after SQL Server Starts?

by Shanky_621
June, 2015

This article is based on several post on TechNet Forum. See what's the difference between re-created and rebuilt? There must be some reason why Microsoft specifically used...

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