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Featured Articles (Updated 11 jun 2015)

How to Query Trees Using LINQ

by Carsten Siemens
May, 2015

This article introduces a generic LINQ-Extension which solves the problem, gives an example and discusses alternatives. A (directed) tree is one of the most common data types...

Big Data Analytics using Microsoft Azure: Introduction

by Chervine
May, 2015

Big Data refers to data that is too large or complex for analysis in traditional databases because of factors such as the volume, variety and velocity of the data to be analysed...

Using Microsoft Application Insights in an MVC application

by Ken Cenerelli
May, 2015

This article will show you how to use Application Insights, you can view telemetry data from your resources, find problems with your deployed apps and improve availability...

Calling the REST API from BizTalk Server - Multiple Endpoints

by Muhammad Ehsan
May, 2015

This article is a small change has been made to the shared code to accommodate a multi-endpoints scenario, in which we have two different Endpoint Addresses with credentials...

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