Templates can help to significantly simplify the process of developing a Wiki article.
The objective of this article is to provide you with instructions on how to write Wiki article about troubleshooting an issue.
It is based on the Microsoft KB schema.

This template is a work in progress, please feel free to add to it.
It is a best practice to leave an area that you cannot currently fill in blank.
This way others can fill it in if they have the information.
This is called "stubbing" on the wiki.



Template Components


Describe the problem.
What actions were you trying to complete?
What failed?
What systems and software were you using?
What error messages are shown?
Please include screenshots.
Include any related symptoms that typically occur.
Tell the reader which event logs to check, and typical things to scan for.
It is a best practice to use keywords of the symptom and/or the actual error number in the title of the troubleshooting article.
This helps folks with the issue find the troublehsooting article.


If known, describe the cause of the problem, or the steps to take to determine the cause, including diagnostic tools to use and messages/errors to watch for.


What did you do to fix the issue?
Include permissions required and procedural steps/sample scripts/commandline actions.
Feel free to add screenshots and flowcharts>

Related Issues

Links to similar problems or solutions.

Related TechNet Forum Posts (Optional)

Link Related Issues you have seen on a TechNet forum.

See Also

This section provides links to other related solutions, examples and/or information anywhere on the internets.
You should also provide links to helpful material consulted while working on the topic.

  • Link. Description of why link is helpful/was useful/etc.


Troubleshooting Template HTML Code


<h2 style="color: steelblue; font-weight: bold;"><a name="Symptoms"></a>Symptoms</h2>
<p>&lt;Add your symptoms here&gt;</p>
<h2 style="color: steelblue; font-weight: bold;"><a name="Cause"></a>Cause</h2>
<p>&lt;Add your cause description herer&gt;</p>
<h2 style="color: steelblue; font-weight: bold;"><a name="Resolution"></a>Resolution</h2>
<p>&lt;Add your resolution heret&gt;</p>
<h2 style="color: steelblue; font-weight: bold;"><a name="Related_FIM_Forum_Posts_Optional"></a>Related TechNet Forum Posts </h2>
<li>&lt;Add links to related TechNet forum posts here&gt; </li>
<h2 style="color: steelblue; font-weight: bold;"><a name="See_Also"></a>See Also</h2>
<li>&lt;Add links to related content here&gt; </li>


Troubleshooting Feedback

It is always a good idea to add a feedback box to a Wiki troubleshooting article.
Below are examples for feedback boxes for Windows Azure AD and FIM ScriptBox scripts.  


Windows Azure AD Troubleshooting Feedback


note Note
To provide feedback about this article, create a post on the Windows Azure AD TechNet Forum.
For more Windows Azure AD related Windows PowerShell scripts, see the Windows Azure AD ScriptBox.


FIM Troubleshooting Feedback


note Note
To provide feedback about this article, create a post on the FIM TechNet Forum.
For more FIM related Windows PowerShell scripts, see the FIM ScriptBox.