List of Fictional Companies Used in Microsoft Material/Documentation

List of Fictional Companies Used in Microsoft Material/Documentation

This Wiki page lists the names of the fictitious companies registered by Microsoft and used in Microsoft learning material as well as documentation.

Most Microsoft consultants, administrators, and technicians recognize the perhaps two most used fictional companies - Contoso and Fabrikam, but there are many other not so well known company names on the list:

  • A. Datum Corporation ( redirects to
  • AdventureWorks Cycles
  • Allure Bays Corp.
  • Alpine Ski House ( redirects to
  • Awesome Computers
  • Baldwin Museum of Science
  • Blue Yonder Airlines
  • City Power & Light
  • Coho Vineyard
  • Coho Winery ( redirects to
  • Coho Vineyard & Winery
  • Consolidated Messenger
  • Contoso Bikes & Frozen Yogurt (source)
    • Contoso Bikes & Formal Wear
    • Contoso Bikes & Haircuts
    • Contoso Bikes & Dogs (implied)
  • Contoso Ltd. ( redirects to
  • Contoso Pharmaceuticals
  • Fabrikam, Inc. ( redirects to
  • Fourth Coffee ( redirects to
  • Graphic Design Institute
  • Humongous Insurance
  • LitWare Inc. ( redirects to
  • Lucerne Publishing ( redirects to
  • Margie's Travel
  • Northridge Video
  • Northwind Traders ( redirects to
  • Parnell Aerospace
  • Phone Company
  • ProseWare, Inc. ( redirects to
  • Reskit (
  • School of Fine Art ( redirects to
  • Southbridge Video
  • TailSpin Toys ( redirects to
  • Tasmanian Traders
  • The Phone Company
  • Terra Firm (example company name used on the box for Publisher v3)
  • Terra Flora, Incorporated (source)
  • Trey Research Inc.
  • WingTip Toys ( redirects to
  • Wide World Importers
  • Woodgrove Bank

Please feel free to add any missing ones!

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  • Parnell Aerospace

    Tasmanian Traders

  • What a great idea for an article! Great job!

  • I think I know just as much about Woodgrove Bank from the exams I've taken as I do about my own datacenter.


  • electronic, inc

  • Every time I think I got a new one it's already in the list! ... Blue Yonder Airlines was brand new to me :) Good job!