New Credential Roaming

New Credential Roaming

NOTE: This document is being updated for Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2012>
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  • Sorry for the edit Kurt, wasn't my intention in getting in the way.

    I will pay more attention next time!


    No problem at all. I appreciate your enthusiasm. I just have a bunch of text that will require multiple copy/paste and formatting fixes. I should have put a note at the top of the article in the first place. I didn't think about it until I was in the middle of adding to the article and ran into the contention issue. Thanks for your vigilance. :-)

  • Does anyone know what happened to which is referenced in the article? I cannot find this anywhere. Article is great otherwise.


    Thanks. I clicked your link and went right to the KB article. May there was an issue on the day that you tried to access the site.

  • How can you guys always create such huge articles? That's a lot of information.

  • good

  • gracias buenos recursos

  • Do you have a timeframe where the updates for newer operating systems will be available?  I see some here and there, but when will the article be complete?


    I wish we could get all of this updated soon, but there has been some shuffling around of the program managers after I started the update. At present time, I don't have a contact to get this updated further. I am certainly looking into it, but I cannot provide a timeframe. Sorry about that.

  • Updates for this article have stalled a bit due to some internal reshuffling. I don't have a time frame for a complete update. However, I also don't know of anything else that has changed since this article was updated for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. For now, I don't have a PM to confirm that, which is the only thing that is delaying the finalization. Also, the KB article referenced is opening for me.

  • It’s a encyclopaedia.

  • Has anyone a idea, why one every Windows 2008 R2  the client task "user-task roam" is disabled by default. Whenever I activate the task an restart the server the task is disabled again. This happens an every Windows 2008 R2 server regardless of wether the server is domain joined or not. We need the certificate roaming under Windows 008 R2 because we use terminal services on this server.

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