SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machine Early Adoption Cook Book (Retired)

SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machine Early Adoption Cook Book (Retired)

This wiki has been retired.  For the latest information on running SQL Server on an Azure Virtual machine, see this link:


Are you interested in running SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine? You've come to the right place! This wiki is for people interested in testing their SQL Server workloads in an Azure Virtual Machine. We're writing this wiki as we go so check back frequently or subscribe to the RSS feed to get notified of updates.

On June 7, 2012 in San Francisco, Scott Guthrie encouraged the world to Meet the New Azure.   As part of this milestone, Scott announced the availability of several Azure Preview Features including a new Virtual Machine capability.  You can watch all the presentations and demos here.  This exciting new Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering makes it possible to deploy fully functional virtual machine environments in the cloud that can function independently, extend your on-premise IT environment using Virtual Networks, and interoperate with other Azure cloud service offerings.  Check out the Wiki Page Index below to get started.

If you have an interesting SQL Server workload you would like to test on Azure Virtual Machine, and you would like the opportunity to work closely with the SQL Server Customer Experience Team while you test it, please submit your nomination for the SQL/IaaS Preview at http://bit.ly/sqliaasnom

Wiki Page Index

  Learning About Running SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machine (en-US)
Contains links to key technical resources like presentations, videos, labs, tutorials, tools, downloads and documentation.
 Getting Started Running SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machine (en-US)
Tells you everything you need to know before you get started, and provides a step-by-step tutorial which describes how to sign up for the preview and do your first SQL Server deployment in an Azure Virtual Machine.
 Best Practices for Running SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machine (en-US)
Contains the latest guidance and reccomendations on how to deploy and configure SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine.
 Getting Help Running SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machine (en-US)
Contains links to forums you can use to ask questions.
  Submitting Feedback About Running SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machine (en-US)
Provides guidance on how to report bugs and share your ideas on how to improve the experience of running SQL Server on an Azure Virtual Machine.

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  • When you create a new vm from gallery and choose the "SQL Server Evaluation Edition" option does this mean that after the 180 day trial you will have to buy a sql server license? I have a local machine that uses sql server express edition and console applications to automate some data cleansing before putting the clean data on my live database for my website. I want to try putting my console apps and sql express database on a cloud vm. Should I just create a new vm from gallery for windows server 2008 and then download and install sql express and then configure my vm through the remote desktop?

  • Cool stuff . Ran through the tutorial pretty seamlessly . A couple of points :

    1. Create new Volumes / VHD

    ie so have seperate volume to store Data  / Logs etc. I couldnt find a way of how to do this ? Is it via the Powershell cmdlets ? If so might be an idea to add that

    2. Configuring Windows Firewall in VM to restrict access to SQL Server

    Running through the tutorial allows ip address to connect to SQL on the public facing port right (obviously have to have login / password) .   Obviously can setup the Endpoint so Public Facing port is not 1433. But would it be worth adding a section on how to restrict to certain IP's via the Windows Firewall via the Scope / Remote IP Addresses ? ie so it behaves like Azure SQL Database / Firewall  ?

  • I realize these answers are coming 6 months late - but for anyone else who may read this...

    @cloudfan456 - The "Evaluation" edition is a non-production edition. For your scenario (where you already know that you want to use SQL Express) - I would just create a new Windows 2012 VM and install SQL Express. The gallery image for the eval is not a good starting point for a production server necessarily, but rather just there as a basic "come learn your way".

    @AndyBall - To answer question #2... if you wanted to open up port 1433, but restrict access to specific IP addresses (similar to Azure Databases) - you would just remote into the IaaS VM and setup Windows Firewall to only allow inbound TCP on 1433 from whatever port you want.

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