Virtual Machine Manager Add-in SDK

Virtual Machine Manager Add-in SDK

The information in this topic applies only to System Center 2012 SP1.

Console add-ins in Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) enables customers and partners to create extensions for the VMM console. These extensions are presented as ribbon buttons entries that do specific actions when they are clicked, or display or custom views in the console. Add-ins let you supplement the VMM console with functionality specific to your needs.

Getting Started

An example Visual Studio 2010 project is available for download at For more information about using the example, see Virtual Machine Manager UI Add-in Example Project.


The following topics describe how the architecture of the add-in system works:

Creating a simple add-in

Creating a custom action add-in

The following topics describe how to create a custom action add-in:

Extending the user interface

The following topics describe how to create a view add-in:

Managing add-ins

The following topics describe how to manage an add-in:

Available add-ins

The following topic lists available 3rd party add-ins:

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  • the link for contextObject types doesn't lead anywhere. Where can I fijnd a definiiton of what VMcontext looks like?  

    also, I can't find a definition for Microsoft.VirtualManager.Utils.VMComputerSystemState.

  • Its problematic that you specify a zip file as the means for installing add-ins, but provide no command line way to create a zip file (for example, in a post build script in visual Studio).

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  • @Walt Wallach The link works for me. Not sure if it was fixed from the time you left your comment

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