Hyper-V: Survival Guide

Hyper-V: Survival Guide


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Microsoft Virtualization Community, because virtualization at Microsoft involves a lot more than Hyper-V.



















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  • Thank you for this wonderful knowledgebase

  • If I read all this, can I be an Hyper-V MVP? :)

  • Wow! There's so much.. And then so much more! :)

  • Are you sure that this article should be named "Survival guide"? In my opinion it is hard to survive enough to read all this :) It's looks more like a link collection, catalog but not a guide.

  • @Vasily thanks for your comment. "Survival Guide" is a legacy term for this kind of links list from the WS2K3 days. It is a recognized term among old-timer IT Pros familiar with Microsoft terminology. The beauty of a the TechNet Wiki is - you can change it if you wish! Or, you can start a page with a different title, and rearrange the content/links into a schema that works better for you.

  • Abosuletly amazing wiki article. A lot of usefull information in one place!

  • Hi Tony, Great article about Hyper-v virtualization information.

    I get only feedback from socialmedia to rename the word "survival". I should Change it because it gives a wrong impression of such a good Technet WiKi article about Hyper-v.

    Maybe "Hyper-v WiKi guide" ........

    Kind regards,

    James van den Berg

  • James, the great thing about the wiki is that you can copy/paste the content into another article called "whatever you want". You could also just rename this article to what you think is better. If others don't agree, they can change it to what they think works best.

  • A great (and big) reference ;-) Thank you!

  • This guide is amazing!!! Thanks for this contribution.

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