Answerer/Moderator Requests on TechNet and MSDN Forums

Answerer/Moderator Requests on TechNet and MSDN Forums

This page exists to track requests from the community to become Answerer/Moderators. The policies are leaning toward new people being added as Answerers first, rather than Moderators. Then some Answerers are made into Moderators when the need exists. Answerers are able to mark answers, which is the largest need in moderating forums. Moderators can also move threads (and delete, merge, and split threads). Moving threads is also important, but most forums don't need as many people doing that.

Because this is an official list, only official entries are permitted. To add new requests, see How to Become a Moderator. These entries are listed in chronological order (first come, first served).

Open Requests

These requests are listed chronologically. They will be addressed in the order they were received.

Windows Server



Completed Requests

The requests are listed alphabetically by forum and then chronologically by person (first at the top). They include links to the forum threads where the requests were tracked (if applicable).

.NET Framework

Chart Controls




Dynamics CRM

URL: Need to add
NOTE: This work is done. Need to include info about it.



Internet Explorer

URL: Need to add
NOTE: This work is done. Need to include more info about it. 

  •  Robert Aldwinckle

Microsoft Genuine Advantage Forums


Office for Developers

Excel for Developers




Small Basic


  • Noah Bauscher
  • Gungan37
  • GoToLoop
  • Zock77

SQL Server


SQL Server Samples


Training and Certification

Visual C#


Visual Fox Pro

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows Server


  • Santosh Bhandarkar


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  • Nice Wiki Ed,,,

  • Nice ed, always helpful information

  • very nice wiki.

  • True, always helpful.

  • This is only for US Forums, true?

  • As I wrote it is helpful, but actually the job is quite unnecessary. Instead of giving away such a job, you could create a bot that automarks long inactive posts as answered (except the OP marks it something like inactive). For example you could fix a time of like 30 days in active mode of the thread, after it gets auto-answered and like 3-6 months for inactive threads.

    Anyways, inactive threads could be marked as "inactive" and fall back in the forum list. They would come back up to the top immediatly, if the thread-opener marks it as active again. You could set a minimum inactive time of like 30 days.

  • And these are just examples.

  • Robert, no, this can be used for any language forums on MSDN and TechNet. Thanks!

  • Hemendra Agrawal edited Revision 34. Comment: Updated forum links because it was showing retired and 2013 forum links.

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