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They're under the blue portal rectangles.

How an article gets featured

First it gets nominated by anyone (including you).

You can nominate articles on this page:

TechNet Wiki Featured Article Nominees

Here are some qualities you should look for when nominating an article:

  1. It's pretty awesome.
  2. It's in depth and incredibly useful.
  3. It has a lot of collaboration edits to show that the community has adopted it together.
  4. Or it has a lot of comments to show that the community has accepted it as valuable content.

Add your nominees in the Nominees section:


Then the Featured Article Team will select two articles each week. When selecting an article, we typically look for a technology that hasn't been represented lately. For example, I featured a SQL Azure article. We haven't featured SQL Azure lately, and there were a few great ones nominated. See TechNet Wiki: Featured Article Teams.

Previously featured articles

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