Windows Server 2012: Deactivating UAC

Windows Server 2012: Deactivating UAC

Deactivating UAC in Windows 2008 R2 was possible via running msconfig (for example winkey+r -> msconfig), going to the Tools tab and launching "Change UAC settings". There, you select "Never notify" to disable UAC. The same approach is still available in Windows Server 2012, though UAC is still active after you selected "Never notify". You have the option to turn off UAC via registry by changing the DWORD "EnableLUA" from 1 to 0 in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system". You will get a notification that a reboot is required. After the reboot, UAC is disabled.

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  • Thank you for this information.  I lost hours trying to figure out what was wrong.  Does never notify now mean that UAC would block elevation without a dialog?  In the past, the lack of a dialog was because never notify was the result of no UAC?  

  • Brilliant stuff that UAC. No really... The guy that invented it should be shot IMHO. My admin account is an admin account for a reason. Quite frustrating you can't access files and folders on which 'Domain Admins' have full control because this retarded UAC makes it damn near impossible to run explorer.exe as an administrator. Unless you kill your shell's explorer.exe first oc...

    What a brilliant 'invention'...

    Can we please go back to the normal way stuff works? As in my admin account being an admin instead of actually being 2 different user accounts under the cover (which is were all the confusion comes from to begin with). If your users are stupid - educate em....

  • @Rik what do you mean by 2 different users?

  • Rik means, that an administrator account acts like a limited user account on one side and only as an administrator account if explicitly selected to do so. Which causes all kinds of nastiness, i.e. access problems to folders, to which the Administrators group has full control, but our "dumbed down admin account" has not.

  • Thank you.  This was very helpful for me to fix a problem with joining a node to an NLB cluster.

  • Thank you for such a nice post....

    It is really helpful...

  • I have never met a system admin who leaves it on.

    Turn it off and leave it off. As if we don't have enough hoops to jump through.

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