Windows 8 RTM Installation Error in VMware Workstation 9

Windows 8 RTM Installation Error in VMware Workstation 9


Windows 8,32 bit RTM,

VMware workstation 9


While trying to install windows 8 on VMware workstation 9 the following error will come

“Windows cannot find the Microsoft Software License Terms. Make sure the installation sources are valid and restart the installation”


When we create a New virtual machine, Choose the option: I will install the operating system later.

The virtual machine will be created with a blank hard disk.(Do not type the path to the ISO file).

After creating New virtual machine additionally set the path to the ISO file (VM/ settings/ CD-DVD.../Use ISO image file)

After running the New virtual machine to automatically install the new Microsoft operating system windows 8 without any problem

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  • You mean VMware 8? VMware workstation 9 and Player 5 work fine with the templates. I've installed the RTM several times without any issues.

  • Yes, VMware workstation 9, not VMware workstation 8.For VMware workstation 8 we got the BSOD error.I have tested with 3 more laptops and desktops with vmware 9. Always stick with same error.

  • No, you mean Workstation 7. this version created a BSOD (0x5D). Since Version 8 it worked, but you must use your trick. Version 9 works fine. Update to the latest version and try it again.

    Btw, please revert my unintentional change, I've clicked on on cancel but my firefox 17 seams to have issues.

  • This was very helpful, I ran into this issue just now. And I can now install win 8 rtm without any errors. Very good. Thanks!

  • It was funny, VMware recognized the OS but I kept getting the error, the solution provided worked for me using VMware 9.

  • Well, I am getting this error with Workstation 9.  Definitely 9.  I am, however, installing Server 2012 whilst getting it...