Windows 8 RTM Installation Error in VMware Workstation 9

Windows 8 RTM Installation Error in VMware Workstation 9


Windows 8,32 bit RTM,

VMware workstation 9


While trying to install windows 8 on VMware workstation 9 the following error will come

“Windows cannot find the Microsoft Software License Terms. Make sure the installation sources are valid and restart the installation”


When we create a New virtual machine, Choose the option: I will install the operating system later.

The virtual machine will be created with a blank hard disk.(Do not type the path to the ISO file).

After creating New virtual machine additionally set the path to the ISO file (VM/ settings/ CD-DVD.../Use ISO image file)

After running the New virtual machine to automatically install the new Microsoft operating system windows 8 without any problem

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  • You mean VMware 8? VMware workstation 9 and Player 5 work fine with the templates. I've installed the RTM several times without any issues.

  • Yes, VMware workstation 9, not VMware workstation 8.For VMware workstation 8 we got the BSOD error.I have tested with 3 more laptops and desktops with vmware 9. Always stick with same error.

  • No, you mean Workstation 7. this version created a BSOD (0x5D). Since Version 8 it worked, but you must use your trick. Version 9 works fine. Update to the latest version and try it again.

    Btw, please revert my unintentional change, I've clicked on on cancel but my firefox 17 seams to have issues.

  • This was very helpful, I ran into this issue just now. And I can now install win 8 rtm without any errors. Very good. Thanks!

  • It was funny, VMware recognized the OS but I kept getting the error, the solution provided worked for me using VMware 9.

  • Well, I am getting this error with Workstation 9.  Definitely 9.  I am, however, installing Server 2012 whilst getting it...

  • Oh, and for the record, doing as the article suggested fixed my problem.  Thanks!

  • This error usually comes when you install Server 2012 on VM. Solution is to create VM with blank HDD. Power it off. Right click on it.  Go to Settings. Select CD/DVD (IDE). Right side select 'Use ISO image' and select a path for server image, Power on Virtual m/c. Problem solved.

  • Same problem, same solution for Windows 2012 Server R2 and Parallels Desktop 9.

    Thanks a lot!

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