Windows and Windows Phone 8 SSL Root Certificate Program (Member CAs)

Windows and Windows Phone 8 SSL Root Certificate Program (Member CAs)

Last Updated: November 2013

This is the temporary landing page for the list of Certification Authorities (CAs) who are members of the Windows Root Certificate Program.  Beginning with the release of Windows Phone 8, the management of root certificates from member CAs is done by a single Program which manages the distribution of root certificates for CAs across
desktop Windows and Windows Phone 8 devices.

Please note, the old landing page for member CAs is no longer maintained, however all information has been verified and in some instances corrected, and appears on this page.  Also - this landing page will soon be replaced with a link to the Microsoft Download Center, where a file will be available with additional details on member CAs and the root certificates we distribute in the Program.  Please stay tuned...

Return to the Windows Root Certificate Program web site.

         CAs Added in December 2012
         CAs Added in May 2013
         CAs Added in August 2013

NEW CAs Added in November 2013 
List is alphabetical by Current CA Owner (or CA Name) - Note: the alphabetical list is current only as of December 2012.  An August 2013 list in PDF format is now pending distribution via Microsoft Download Center, and I will amend this page as soon as it is available.


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  • Suggestion: Move the 4 lists linked above to a single list, downloadable as an Excel file. Advantages: a single place to search for a CA, ability to sort by CA name, all columns visible, searchable, and pivotable as needed.

  • +1 for Antonio's suggestion

  • Question: Are all the CAs listed here also trusted by Office 365 services for ADFS purposes?

  • Your expanded list just caused a meltdown of RADIUS authentication on a 2008 NPS service.  None of the windows 7 computers would connect yet a smartphone had no issue.

  • How do I find out if/when a specific CA will be removed from the list?

  • Hi, the list itself is not downloadable here (there are no functional links above)

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