Wiki Ninja Stick Figures

Wiki Ninja Stick Figures

Gallery of Wiki Ninja Stick Figures. Click any image to see it larger. Right click > Save As to save an image. Or you can download collections of images in the Downloads section below.

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 Chosen Ninja SharePoint Ninja   









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Christmas  Easter


International Ninjas


 Brazilian Ninja Chinese Ninja  Russian Ninja 
 Korean Ninja Italian Ninja  Spanish Ninja
Turkish Ninja American Ninja French Ninja


 Hungarian Ninja  Indonesian Ninja

 Japanese Ninja 
 German Ninja  Persian Ninja  Persian Ninja 


Soccer Ninjas


 Soccer Player Ninja Green Belt Player Ninja  Green Belt Ball and Player Ninja 
 Green Shorts Ninja Yellow shirt and Green Shorts Ninja  Yellow shirt and
Green Shorts and ball Ninja
Yellow shirt and 
Blue Shorts Ninja
Yellow shirt,Blue Shorts
and Green Belt Ninja
Blue Shorts 
and Green Belt Ninja


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  • Great gallery!!

  • This is such a great idea! Thanks, Ana!

  • where is Turkish Ninja?

  • Serhard, do you want to make one? You can click a figure to get it full size.

  • Serhard,

    Gokan agreed to make the Turkish ninja. Thanks!

  • I'm going to clean up the Turkish flag.

  • I updated the Turkish Ninja... smoothed out the edges and got it in the table format Ana had set up. Thanks Gokan for getting it started!

  • Ana's redoing the International Ninjas for us. Thanks, Ana!

  • Nice, are these award badges for wiki contributors?

  • Paul, no these are just promotional images. If they were award badges, how would they work and what would you expect?


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